Mois : mars 2019

What a pleasure these chalets in Haute-Savoie

Have you ever dreamed and Imagined of spending a stay where you just have to let yourself live, without any headache or intrusive concerns?

Upon awakening, in an idyllic setting, your hearty breakfast awaits you impatiently before leaving for the many ski slopes in the area.

Your ski equipment is ready, sharpened and hot equipment! Isn’t this the best way to start your day?

On the way home, a relaxing massage is offered, relaxing your muscles while the children play in the playroom or watch a movie in the cinema.

You can also book your day without skis the day after a busy day with a fun and atypical activity on the advice of your chalet manager.

Join your friends and family in the lounge for a gourmet evening, where a private chef prepares a typical meal such as tartiflette, raclette, fondue with magnificent bottles of red, white or champagne wine.

After a beautiful and pleasant evening, your cozy bed will take over your busy day to rest in optimal conditions, as tomorrow new adventures await you.

Many services are available to make your stay unique and memorable. 

Do not deprive yourself, dare to dream and we will deliver you incomparable memories.

The chalets are the ideal compromise for an independent and intimate stay with luxury amenities.

The chalets are sublime

For many years I have been fascinated by these great houses and have fallen in love with them, which blend into the magnificent setting of the mountains through the fir trees. 

The luxury and comfort that are becoming more and more comfortable in the chalets make me melt because it allows the priorities to feel completely at home. Luxury and not just any luxury because all your dreams are achievable. Indeed, luxury no longer has any limit in these chalets, it is possible to install a heated swimming pool in your chalet at an altitude of more than 1500m, it allows you to relax after a skiing, sledging or walking session and it is very enjoyable. If you want to relax your muscles and body by warming yourself up, the architects also install saunas, hammams and spas etc. which is just my dream. 

As I told you, when designing, the primary objective is the comfort of the future inhabitants. That’s why everything that is possible and imaginable in terms of comfort and set up in the chalets. 

Apart from the comfort and luxury of the chalets, it is impossible not to mention the place where the chalets are made. 

The luxury cottages we build are located in mountain villages and they become an incomparable charm. As a cottage builder in Haute-Savoie, we did not choose this location by chance, it is just that we are passionate about the mountains and more particularly about this region which has a magical panoramic view. The mountain villages are also very cute, you can find many shops for children, adults, men, women etc… with many luxury shops. If you love to have fun, you can enjoy the cinema, cultural spaces and helicopter rides in the mountains and discover what the real mountain is like. 

A chic and classy suit, I say yes!

Some people find that the costumes look too dressed and too “too much” and, in a way, they are right. The costumes are great clothes in which you feel good and beautiful!

The day I had my first tailor-made suit (a gift from my father for a friend’s wedding), I had the feeling that I was being reborn, I immediately felt good, very confident because the suit adds something that can’t be explained but that makes its effect. 

Since then, I have preferred to wear a suit as often as possible, whether it is a traditional black suit or a grey one, or a more moose and less common choice such as black with printed white flowers (really).

Costumes and props can be flashy and very moose, but a costume can obviously be sober, classic.

Some wear special costumes to be able to express themselves and give themselves a sophisticated look by feeling remarkable and different, even on days when everything goes wrong.

Of course, wearing a suit implies many things that are not necessarily positive, which is why it is important to democratize the fact of wearing a suit. It can be worn at a ceremony as in everyday life! 

The costumes that are offered meet all your expectations for all desired sizes.

The costume of your dreams 

Too often, we think of costumes as something you are forced to wear for work or special occasions. 

On the other hand, wearing a suit can clearly be something you want to do. Really. 

Since our creation, we have been working every day with the best couturiers and materials to help you find the best suit for your son or yourself. City costume, wedding suit, baptism suit or a suit for all kinds of ceremonies in Lyon.

Located in the 3rd arrondissement, we would be delighted to welcome you to our shop where you can touch, try and exchange with our salespeople so that you can find what you are looking for.

Our team is delighted to welcome you to its shop to answer your questions, allow you to try our costumes and project yourself and your child to the ceremony by discovering our collections of children’s costumes and for all types of ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, communions or funerals.  

We are committed to applying our know-how and technique to ensure that your child has the most elegant and comfortable costume for the ceremony to go smoothly.